October 19, 2010

An Artist in Life and Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I discovered the wonderful world of Jess LC jewelry via her collaboration with Kendi of Kendi Everyday for her lookbook for her newest jewelry collection.  The gorgeous photos and jewelry drew me in instantly.  Anything that is beautiful and unique is instantly a winner in my book.

But what sold me on Jess and her business is her other blog, Makeunder My Life.  Her hook, "On a mission to help people design a life with intention" got my attention, and in an instant in clicking through, I was hooked on her message.  Her writing and sharing of her own journey in both business and life has been extremely helpful to me personally, especially as I find myself in a place where I am trying to figure out what will be the next step in my own life.  Her confidence, enthusiasm, honesty, and positive attitude is incredibly infectious and encouraging.

So when I saw on Twitter the other day to be a part of the Jess LC Ambassador program, I decided to sign up, because not only do I love Jess's business, but I also love what she stands for personally.  And if there was a way that I could support both the business (because I love small business and entrepreneurs) and the message, I had to take the opportunity to do so.

If you haven't ever done so, take a moment and check out both the lovely Jess LC shop as well as the Makeunder My Life site.  Both will inspire you with their unique beauty - one, in its art - the other, in its depth of purpose.
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