September 2, 2010

Style Mashup

Apologies for the plethora of pictures.  I just really liked how these came out today!

I think Tania and I must have had some kind of meet-up in our respective brains because she is totally doing the grey/yellow/black/white thing, that she calls "grellow", today.  Too funny!  The inspiration for this outfit came from a combination of her and Kendi's outfits yesterday.  Tania's plaid shirt + Kendi's mustard yellow skirt = my take on gray and yellow (I did give them both fair warning that I would be using their outfits for inspiration!)

Styling this plaid shirt is not easy though.  When I got it I was surprised by how long it is - as well as lightweight (which is why on a 90 degree day, I am wearing it).  It is going to be a little bit of a challenge to tuck in, which is why I took the easy route with it today and just threw a belt on to give it some definition in the waist.  My beloved gray ombre heels make another appearance this week, because really, what goes better with a gray plaid shirt than gray ombre heels?  A long necklace (that you can barely see, if at all), plus some purple amethyst accessories (again, which you probably can't see, sorry) finish it all off.

And apologies in advance if posting is a little light over the next few days/week ahead - I am off (hopefully) for some R&R, but am planning (at least for now) to continue to do some posting while I am away.

Yay for Thursday before Labor Day!

Shirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Boden
Heels - Tahari via TJMaxx
Belt - Ross
Necklace - American Eagle
Sunnies - Target
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