September 1, 2010

Blue Black Max

Wow.  Today has been a big day for my little blog experiment.  A big, big thank-you to Tania at What Would a Nerd Wear for a shout-out today on her blog!  You need to check out her outfit for today - I love it.  It conveys that perfect comfy chic feeling that I love - the boots, the plaid shirt, the skirt - just awesome.

And a big welcome and hello to all of those who are new and stopping by!  First, THANK YOU for stopping by! Thank you for all your comments - I have loved reading every one of them!

And third, I must apologize that these are the photos of my outfit today.  I really love this outfit - I've worn it many times before, but not on this blog yet.  However, I ran out of time today to get any good pictures and so here we are in my little ole' apartment.

I decided to wear this today mainly because of the color blue.  For some reason (I'm not exactly sure how) this color entered into my head last night and stayed in it through the morning.  So I decided to go the safe route and pair it with this maxi dress.  You might remember this dress from last week in which I tried to wear it with a shirt over it.  It sort of worked, but it was only ok.  And when I put it on again today, this time over a t-shirt, I remembered why I usually wear shirts under it rather than over it.  It gives so much definition, making me feel long and lean, which is lost when a shirt is paired over it and can only be somewhat regained with a belt.  I love the way the cobalt blue pops off the black.  I wasn't sure what jewels to pair it with - I started off with big hoop earrings, but then I decided a little pop of color was a better route, and so went with my parrot necklace and put the hoops away for smaller silver earrings.  I wore my Target wedges with this, but am barefoot in these pictures (there are only so many hours in a day that you can wear those things :)).

Part of the reason that I ran out of time today to get some good pictures was because I got my hairs did!  I love it - no long bob - my stylist liked the long layers part of my idea but thought the bob would not work really well with my curly/frizzy/wavy hair.  And since he is an artiste I went with what he said.  He also did an amazing job on the color.  It is definitely a single-girl luxury to get my hair cut and colored at the salon, but man - it is totally worth it for me.  Also, my stylist is the only straight male hair dresser that I know. In his earlier days he was the colorist for Nick Arrojo (as in Nick Arrojo of What Not to Wear, my hair god) - so to me, that is one degree of separation from my hair hero.  To find someone of that caliber in my little small town was a revelation and I have been going to him ever since.  There's only one time in which he took a misstep and I got some hot pink highlights instead of red ones, but even those looked cool in their own way :). My mom however thought differently. :)  But no pink highlights today! The lighting doesn't really do it justice, but here's a closer look.

Anyway - thank you again for stopping by! I'm loving getting to check out your blogs as well!

T-Shirt - J.Crew
Dress - Old Navy
Parrot Necklace, Parrot Ring - Forever21
Wedges (not pictured) - Target
Hair - Sherpa Salon


kerry said...

just love your maxi dress, i want one exactly the same for my summer in sydney :) loving your blog, you have fab style! definitely your new follower!

bubbs... said...

Great maxi! You look fabulous!


Christina said...

I like the colors and the length of the dress adds a dramatic sophisticated element. Very nice!

Elle Sees said...

I did a maxi dress post last month for my Wanderlust Week series. It's on my ole blog!

kerry said...

just love your maxi dress, i want one exactly the same for my summer in sydney :) loving your blog, you have fab style! definitely your new follower!

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