August 31, 2010

I Feel Official Now...

I really, really love this shirt.  And guess where it is from? Zara!  I feel like an official fashion blogger now that I own a piece from Zara :).  When I was in Greenwich over the weekend, I came across my first Zara store.  I feel like it is a cross between a J.Crew and H&M.  There are affordable pieces (like this awesome ruffled shirt) and then some more expensive ones.

So I wanted to wear this shirt today.  It is such a great neutral color that it will go with anything.  I thought about maybe pairing it with my black skinny pants, but decided I wanted to keep it pretty casual today, so decided to wear these skinny jeans.  I then thought, "maybe that Old Navy vest that I've been wanting to wear will work with this" so decided to throw it on, and it worked - sort of - but enough to make me ok with wearing it pretty much all day.  Then as I was wondering what shoes to wear, my nude pumps came to me in that "eureka!" kind of way and the outfit was pretty much done.  A couple of faux pearl bracelets, long necklace, and earrings finished off the look.

Again - thank you sooo much for the comments! Y'all make my day - you have no idea!

Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Vest - Old Navy
Heels - Tahari via DSW
Sunnies - Target
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