September 3, 2010

Holiday Ahoy!

Why do I look so happy in these pictures?  Is it because: A) It's a holiday weekend, one of the few that I get vacation time for?,  B) I like my outfit because it is comfy and "me"? C) Hurricane Earl didn't wash away the beach and so I get to go on vacay, or D) All the above?  Leave your guesses in the comments :)

This outfit is very much a me outfit, except last year, I would have worn the t-shirt untucked instead of tucked into the sweater nor would not have layered a bunch of necklaces with the scarf.  But one of the things I love about style blogging is the evolution in my own style and the embracing of that evolution.  For a girl who usually has a hard time dealing with change, my wardrobe and confidence in myself are moving beyond that fear and having fun experimenting with different styling techniques.

Simple white t-shirt, khaki skirt, and turquoise cardi make up the bones of the outfit.  And when I started putting on accessories this morning, I just couldn't stop.  Therefore two necklaces got layered with this adorable scarf (it has bunnies printed all over it - how cute is that??), big bracelet added, and basic silver ball earrings round out the look.  Cognac belt and sandals complete the outfit.

Hope y'all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

T-shirt, Cardigan - Old Navy
Skirt, Sandals, 1 Silver Necklace, Sunnies - Target
Scarf - Zara
Clock Necklace - UrbanOutfitters
Parrot Ring (can you see him? below the watch) - Forever21
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