August 3, 2010

Feelin' Blue

Well the secret is out.  I, in fact, do not have perfect eyesight.  I have horrific eyesight that requires the daily wear of contacts.  Except when you fall asleep on the couch the night before in your contacts and so therefore necessitate the need to wear your glasses that you normally reserve for the weekends. 

I don't remember taking any pictures with my glasses on for this blog.  If I have, they were a while ago.  So while I am not hiding behind any sunglasses today, there is at least something in between my eyes and those of the lens of the camera.

I like this outfit in theory...not so certain as to how I feel about in practice.  The thing is that I came up with this outfit in my head for the sole purpose to wear with some navy blue TOMS shoes that my mother gave to me because they didn't fit her.  And while they were ok, they just weren't great!  And I need them to be great! I am getting so frustrated because I have literally tried to style these shoes a thousand times (ok, well probably not a thousand, but many, many times!) and every single time they just. don't. work! Argh!

So all you TOMS wearers out there - how do you style your shoes?  What can I do to help make them feel fashionable and not just like a pair of slippers that sort of go with my outfit, but not really and I should trade them out for a cognac brown pair of sandals instead?  Your help and thoughts are much appreciated!

Button down shirt & tank - J.Crew
Skirt - New York & Co.
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - Target, Forever21, Premier Jewelry
Sandals - Target? Too long ago that I can't remember...
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