August 2, 2010

Bright Summer Suits!

This is what I would call my summer power suit.  I am hoping that its bright magic will rub off on the town government officials that I have to go before tonight to finally, hopefully, magically get approval for a project that I have been working on for about nine months.  I'm hoping that the wrinkles in the dress won't count against me, because there is only one way that this fabric exists with practical, everday office use, and that is wrinkled.

I almost wore this outfit without the belt, which would have been a tragedy.  The Lauren Fashion Ghost of a few months back would have walked right out of the house without a second thought, but the Lauren Fashion Conscience of present couldn't without doing a quick "let's just see what the gold belt would like before we leave for the day".  Thank goodness I listened to that inner voice!

I also love the bright greens of this outfit.  I knew I wanted to wear the necklace with this dress but remembering that I also have a short-sleeved cardigan that echoes the colors in the necklace was a happy find! And I just love these shoes.

And off to the Town Council I go! Wish me luck!

Dress - Banana Republic
Cardigan, Belt - J.Crew
Necklace, Sunnies - Old Navy
Shoes - Franco Sarto via DSW
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