July 28, 2010

So I Dress Like a Kid, Big Deal...

What? Don't judge...you know that the little J.Crew Crewcuts kids inspire you too...I have no problem admitting to my inspiration.  As Elaine said earlier today, if J.Crew told me to go jump off a bridge, I probably would.

I was in a little bit a sticky situation though.  I just wore my chambray shirt yesterday, so I couldn't pull off the inspiration look exactly.  And I decided to add a lightweight jacket to the whole ensemble.  And instead of belting my outfit with a cardigan, I just went with a super-cool belt.  So while the basics are the same (skinny pants, ruffled tank, blue shirt) it's still a bit different.

My camera and I are fighting again today by the way.  All the raw images that came out looked completely different from each other, even though they were all on the same setting.  Photography classes are in looking to be in order shortly (or, just reading my camera's manual - either one).

Notice the two tones in the belt?? I absolutely love it.

And thank you by the way for all the comments - you all have no idea how much you make my day!!  Cheers!

Pants - Gap
Ruffled Tank - The Crew (as in J.)
Blue Button Down Shirt - No Idea - was a closet find!
Khaki Jacket - Marshalls, a few years ago
Shoes - Tahari via DSW
Belt - Loehmanns
Necklace - American Eagle
Earrings - Target
Sunnies - Old Navy
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