July 9, 2010

Not Going Vertical

I was just about to title this post "Going Horizontal", but maybe it's because I've spent too much time around baseball boys that I just couldn't get over the sexual innuendo of that title.  So, here I am, wearing a skirt with stripes in the opposite direction of vertical.

This skirt has always been a challenge for me to wear.  In the past I've always paired it with a long shirt that covered the poofy bubble-ness of it.  I did attempt to tuck in a shirt with it last year, but seeing as I had yet to discover the power of the well-placed belt on my figure, it just didn't look right.

But seeing as it was going to be another hot day in VA, I decided to wear this breezy skirt and see if I could take on it's challenges with some of the styling tips I've learned and tried to put into practice lately.  And I like it for the most part!  I don't know if it's the most flattering thing I've ever worn, but I still like what I see, and that is a success in my book :).

Aren't my puppies cute? They live with my parents, but I still call them mine :).  Rudy is the yellow lab and Ellie is the Boston Terrier (or Terror, depending on how she is behaving!!).

Skirt - Calvin Klein
Lightweight Sweater - J.Crew
Shoes (love these!) - Franco Sarto via DSW
Necklaces - Target, UrbanOutfitters
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