June 11, 2010

Perfect Friday

Do you ever have those days in which you wake up and want to go back to bed? Or you just don't want to get out of your bed? That was my morning today - and to make matters worse I didn't even have coffee to look forward to.  But then, when I logged onto my computer this morning and opened my Gmail account, I almost hyperventilated/fainted out of surprise and shock because there in my inbox was a notification that I had a comment from one of my blogging heroes, Kendi Lea from Kendi Everyday!! It was a private celebration of joy because my coworkers wouldn't have really understood if I shouted in joy over my blogger celebrity encounter :). 

Besides being found by one of my favorite bloggers, my Friday was pretty rockin'.  My coworkers and I took an extended lunch break at a local eatery which was really fun.  They are my extended family - and we're quite dysfunctional like a real extended family.  And then I got to hang out with some of my awesome high school girls from Young Life for the night.  It was pretty much awesome!

I feel like these pictures are a little bit like another one of my favorite bloggers, Krystal from This Time Tomorrow with the big sunglasses and hat :).  I could have easily paired this dress with some awesome colorful heels, but decided to keep it simple with black accessories.  I even had a long black cardigan with me for the office, but didn't need it.  The color blue of this dress is one of my favorite colors - I have a gajillion t-shirts in it and my home has this blue everywhere - even the sheets on my bed! It's just so beautiful to me and pairs perfectly with so many colors and styles.

Dress - J.Crew
Belt - TJMaxx
Shoes, Hat - UrbanOutfitters
Sunglasses - Target
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