June 10, 2010

How to Dress for Work + An Evening Baseball Game

Summertime dressing can be quite a challenge for me some days because one of the things that I do during the summer is help out with a local summer collegiate baseball team in the evenings.  I end up going straight from work to the ballfield, so there's no time to go home and change from work appropriate attire to baseball game attire (jeans + t-shirt).  So to make do, I usually dress down a little for work in order to not stick out like a sore thumb at the ballfield.  That usually doesn't work though - for some reason I always feel like I stick out like a sore thumb at the ballfield - and yet I still go after all these years (although much more reluctantly this year).

I also decide to snap a few pictures of the outfit as I was leaving my house today, instead of the usual evening/late-night shots that I capture.  So these shots were taken in a little bit of a hurry, right before I climbed into my car to get to work.

I really didn't wear the jacket all day - way too hot.  I just brought it in case it got cooler later on tonight.

I have to say - I used to not think that I could get away with belting things.  Everything I have worn in the past has been untucked and loose.  And while I still go towards those styles from time to time, I have found myself really embracing and not being afraid of the "belt".  I'm also really glad I choose to pair the wedges with this outfit.  I was going towards some flat sandals, which I'm sure would have been fine, but these wedges just added an extra "oomph" to the outfit for me.

Also notice - Straight hair today!  It'll probably go back to curly tomorrow, but it was straight for a day in the summer! woohoo!

Shirt - Kohls
Tank Cami, White Jacket - Gap
Shorts - J.Crew
Wedges, Purse - TJMaxx
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - American Eagle
Sunglasses - Target
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