June 4, 2010

Easy Breezy Summer

Well, it's June in Virginia and that means heat and humidity.  I seriously thought I was having a heat stroke in my car driving to lunch today, giving me yet another incentive to start packing lunch - not having to climb into the car!  But this was the perfect Friday outfit at my office.  We're very lax with our dress code, so I felt comfortable wearing these shorts.  To make it a bit more professional I paired it with my trusty Target blazer.  While I was going to wear this top, I actually was hoping to pair it with a white denim skirt, but unfortunately my favorite skirt had a great big dirt spot on it - how, I have no idea.  So with a little maneuvering in my head, this is what was born.

When I walked into the office wearing my aviator rims, one of my coworkers said I looked like a rock star.  Pretty much what I was going for.  But really, anyone who wears aviators is going to look like a rock star.  Easiest trick in the book.

Blouse - Banana Republic
Blazer, Necklace - Target
Shorts - J.Crew
Sandals - Steve Madden via TJMaxx

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