June 3, 2010

Consider This My Application...

for the J.Crew styling department.  I decided to have a little fun with this one.  I got a couple of sweater vests from Banana and Old Navy and I had my black dress from Banana hanging up in my room.  So I put it on and then looking in my closet I saw my grey J.Crew blazer hanging up and the thought that ran through my mind was "Dress + Vest + Blazer + Belt + Necklaces + Crazy Heels + Fedora = An Outfit Out of a J.Crew Catalog!"  So here it is - my take on styling like I worked at J.Crew.

While I'm not an emaciated or dewy-skinned J.Crew model, I think I pulled it off :).  And with only one item actually being J.Crew :).

Blazer - J.Crew
Dress, Vest - Banana Republic
Shoes - AK Anne Klein via TJMaxx
Necklaces - Target, American Eagle, Premier Jewelry
Fedora - UrbanOutfitters
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