June 3, 2010

Blurry Pictures

Belting Yet Again...

I can't believe that I actually got this shot.  This was my "I'm-playing-around-with-my-camera's-self-timer-and-see-if-I-can-get-a-jump-in-the-air-shot".  I could make this my Facebook profile pic, but then I feel like I would look like every other high school kid's profile pic.

Unfortunately these pictures were taken at night last night and as such do not include the fabulous sandals that went with this outfit.  So it must be.  Also taking these pictures required being in my room, which as you can tell from the pile of clothes in each foreground, needs to be cleaned.  Actually, it's pretty clean - that pile is my first attempt at spring cleaning my wardrobe and making some room in my closet and drawers for some fabulous new items (because that's the point of cleaning out your closet, right? To fill it right back up!).

Stay tuned for my attempt at a J.Crew photo shoot...

Skirt - Walmart
Top - TJMaxx
Belt - Ross
Sandals (not pictured) - DSW
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