May 27, 2010

Pink + Zebra Stripes

This was actually yesterday's outfit.  I wanted something easy to throw on and as I was looking at my shoes this morning, I decided that these zebra stripe sandals were exactly what I wanted to throw on with this dress.  I then saw my zebra-striped scarf hanging around and thought "let's try you on for size".  Lo and behold, it worked. The massive amount of pink allowed me to put two zebra stripe pieces together and not be overwhelming.

My hair and I continued to fact the battle is still ongoing mostly my bangs that are driving me crazy this week. I think a trim is probably in need.

I had a coworker ask me today why I didn't wear pink shoes with this outfit...really??  I tried to explain to her that that would have been WAY too much hot pink, but I don't think I got through to her.

I'm kind of excited about today's outfit...stay tuned for pics later today!

Sandals - Steve Madden via TJMaxx
Scarf - UrbanOutfitters
Dress - J.Crew
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