May 25, 2010

[Big Sigh]

You ever have one of those days? Nothing really rotten happened, but you find at the end of the day that you're completely zapped and you wonder why? It was one of those days for me.  And I know that there are all these blogs and blog posts out there talking about how we should accept and love our bodies and body parts, but I'm just going to state that I don't love my hair today.  Sorry hair, your wildness is just not doin' it for me today.

I originally put on a tan jacket with this outfit this morning, but it just wasn't working for me.  So I decided to add a pop of dramatic color and go red.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day for my hair!

Jacket - Gap
Pants - J. Crew
Top - TJMaxx
Wedges - Bandolino via TJMaxx
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