April 2, 2010

Spring Day = Liberty of London Dress (Plus a Minor Car Dance Party on the Way to Work)

The blogging and fashion world exploded a few weeks ago when Liberty of London, a very famous design house in England, released some of its beautiful floral patterns to the masses via Target.  I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to like the some of the stuff that they were offering, but when I tried on this dress, I fell in love.

I love these shoes - but lbh, not the most comfortable shoes yet. (Shoes from Urban Outfitters)

I never wear this necklace, but for some reason, as I was throwing on accessories before going out the door, this necklace seemed like the perfect thing to pair with the dress today.

As you saw from a previous post, I've been working up the courage to wear a fedora.  Well I found it today.

And although I knew it was going to be pretty warm, I couldn't resist throwing this jacket on again.

The next two pictures depict the ridiculous mood I have been in all day...

Happy Easter and Happy Weekends!!

(me laughing at my ridiculousness)
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