April 1, 2010

No Grey Today!!

That's right, can you believe it?? I can't - I broke free from my recent grey fix and branched out into the world of peach, off-white, and light colored jeans!  But first a look at these adorable/new favorite bronze flats from Target - they were only $10!! Love them - they are going to be the perfect complement to my silver flats that I wear with everything.

(Isn't the carpet lovely...)

This little off-white jacket is awesome - also from Target.

Well, I actually just realized that I lied...I did wear grey today - my little flower headband was grey!!

Do you notice how frizzy my hair is?? This is after putting like five tons of non-frizz product in my hair so that it would NOT frizz.  It is my perennial wavy/curly hair problem - it's always massively frizzy.  Any suggestion on how to tame curly frizz will be most welcome!

I also going to work on getting some photo editing software - some of these pictures need to be cropped.  Also my camera's battery ran out while I was in the middle of taking them - I had a couple of other shots I wanted to take but it was not to be!  Anyway, the moral of the story is go check your local Target - there are some super cute stuff being put out on the shelves! I may have to wear my Liberty of London dress tomorrow!
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