November 11, 2011

A Seventies Frame of Mind

oct2611 002

oct2611 006

oct2611 022

This dress is very hard to style.  You wouldn't think so just looking at it.  I mean, it's just a plain shirt dress, right? But I have found it hard to "make it work".  So for this outfit, I just decided to kind of emulate this outfit I found on Pinterest, which just kept things loose and simple.  What I really love is how the outfit comes together with the outerwear.  I felt like I was channeling some kind of seventies fashion icon or something walking to and from work.

Would love to know - how would you style this dress?

By the way, Happy Veterans Day - and many, many thanks to those who sacrifice their time and lives for our country

Dress, Coat, Hat - Old Navy
T-shirt - J.Crew
Boots - DSW
Sunnies - Target
Necklace - Piperlime
Socks - forget - sorry!
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