October 28, 2011

From the Archives - Black and White Look 5

april2611 009

april2611 011

april2611 016

Soooo, these pictures may or may not have been taken way back in April and just never blogged.  But look how perfectly they fit in for this black and white challenge!

These pictures may or may not be a cop out for the fact that I haven't done any black and white looks the past couple of days because I missed color in my daily wardrobe so caved in and decided to give myself a mental break from trying to be creative. That's probably the opposite of what I should have done, but honestly, the fact that I even got dressed is pretty amazing these days.

Also, in looking back through my photos from this year, I realize that there are a LOT of outfits that I never got up on the blog.  Not that every outfit is blog-worthy, but it's a lot of content just sitting there. So I'll be posting some "From the Archives" posts. So if the pictures look way out of season, you've been forewarned :).

Top - Black & White Market
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Steve Madden via TJMaxx
Necklaces - Forever 21 and JessLC
Sunnies - Target (sadly these got crushed in my purse over the weekend :( :( major fail)
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