September 7, 2011

Here Comes September...

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sept0111 009

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sept0111 004

It is my favorite time of the year.  Summer's waning and cool breezes start to enter the lexicon of daily life.  And layering is almost here in full force.  So this outfit represents all that I love about the end of the August and the beginning of September - shorts and long sleeves.  Makes me so happy!

Also this blazer is an amazing staple piece in my wardrobe. It goes with everything and adds shape to the most billowy or large tops. I highly recommend finding a great khaki blazer to your closet :).  I also am really in love with this blue plaid shirt. I'm very into plaids, blazers, classic Brit looks for fall (of course, in Virginia we only get like two weeks for fall!)

And, not to apologize for the lack of recent posting, but rather more like explain, life's priorities are shifting a bit for the next month. My sister gets married at the end of the month, and between all the fun stuff and sisterly responsibilities that go with that, there is also a fast-paced job and volunteer work to do, which squeezes my poor little blog for time.  There will probably be less posting, but I promise, I am still around - much like life this summer - but I have some fun outfits that I hope to share with you!

Blazer, Shorts - J.Crew
Shirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Steve Madden via TJMaxx
Necklaces - Jess LC
Sunnies - Target
Flower pin - Anthropologie
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