May 6, 2011

A New Dream

As a patriotic American, I feel it is my duty to inform everyone of this little known secret of a movie called Fast Five.  If you are in need of some amazing dialogue - so amazing, it is almost a work of art - crazy car chase scenes, more plot holes than pot holes, stare-offs between Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and the beautiful blue eyes of Paul Walker, then you MUST go and see this movie.  I am not even joking.  And if you can see it in IMAX, then do yourself a favor, pay the extra dollars, and see it.  You will be astounded by the awesomeness that will wash over you.

Seriously - I don't think I stopped laughing for the whole two hours.  Best. Movie. Ever.  I can only hope that "The Furious and The Fast" or whatever the sixth movie in the franchise will be called comes out relatively soon - and I really hope I can be part of the writing staff.  That is my new dream - right after my dream of being a professional driver on a closed course.

Dress, Jacket, Belt, Flower - J.Crew
Shirt - Land's End Canvas
Shoes - DSW - Tahari
Sunnies - TJMaxx
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