April 18, 2011

Taking This One to the Bank...

These are the walkin' to work shoes (I swear, it was rainy in the morning - not bright, beautiful, gorgeous sunshine)

And these are the work day shoes...

When I was walking home from work today, I passed a woman walking by.  I assume she was out exercising since she was wearing sweats and walking at a brisk pace.  I was having a lovely walk myself, just enjoying the deep, deep pleasures that spring brings to my heart - a warm, but not too hot, temperature; the bright vivid green and blues; flowers blooming; birds singing.  So as we pass by each other, she says to me, "Great boots!  I haven't seen boots like those since I lived in New York!"

Dream. Come. True.

If the small town girl isn't going to live in the city, she can at least channel it!  I am going to be filing that one away for those days in which my mirror/creative powers fail me.  "Yes, I know, I may look odd/crappy/strange/not-what-i-was-going-for-hate-everything-i-own-in-my-closet, but at least my boots make me look like I belong in NYC!"

And I don't think she meant it as a backhand compliment either - double score!

Top - Anthro
Skirt - Old Navy
Belt - H&M
Necklaces - Urban Outfitters, Jess LC
Watch - TJMaxx
Boots - Zappos
Wedges - TJMaxx
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