January 3, 2011

Hi there!

Hello everyone! It's your long-lost friend, Lauren back from her blogging break! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes, sincerely, to all for a great beginning to a new year! Can you believe that we not only start a new year, but a new decade?? I'm still hunkering down for Y2K when everything computer was supposed to crash into oblivion and we'd have Armageddon tomorrow. :)

This outfit is courtesy of Santa Clause! My one new outfit that I got for Christmas and I love it - I love all the pieces - the skirt and the top are so great and versatile and I can't wait to wear them in different ways some of my other new purchases from the holidays (and other classic items from my closet :))!

I am also excited that today is January 3rd because it means the premiere of The Bachelor!! FINALLY - I have had a void in my Monday night TV lineup and cannot wait for the return of the awesomeness of Chris Harrison gracing my screen :).

I also wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your kind comments on my previous post about my Grandma's passing.While it is still hard to actually believe that she is really gone, it was a beautiful celebration of her life and love that still lives on within each one of us that knew her.  It served as a reminder to me for what really matters in life and what we really can take with each one of us when our time here on this earth comes to a close.  That overarching thought and realization is serving as the foundation for me as I take this month to plan out a few things, including the direction of where this little ole blog is going. 

So here's to the new year, the new decade, new beginnings, and incredible gratefulness for everyone who stops by this corner of the interweb!!

Sweater, Skirt, Tights, Flower Pin, Belt - J.Crew (sweater, skirt - gifts)
Scarf - Gift
Shoes - Tahari via TJMaxx
Watch - Fossil, gift
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