November 23, 2010

In Which I Wish for Another Pair of Shoes...


This was another outfit that started off in a different direction in my head and I ended up changing it because I just didn't feel like pushing my style boundaries today.  Every so often it is good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but when it involves some serious argyle socks, you sometimes need to think twice.  Of course randomly pairing your outfit with some silver-patterned flats that don't exactly match, but they are the only pair of flats that you have in your 30 for 30 challenge, outside of your boots, and you don't want to wear your gray heels again, so you're kind of stuck with no other options but to wear these flats, also warrants some second thoughts but as this run-on shows sometimes you don't have any other options.

And I actually mid-day switched the styling of the scarf because it was freezing in my office - which was not the case when I walked out of the door of my house. In fact it was freakishly warm this morning. But that changed midway through the day! Not fair I tell you - not fair.

One Day More - then it's time for a break, yeehaw! (Work break that is, not blogging break in case you were worried :))

Happy Tuesday!

Dress, Long-sleeve t-shirt - J.Crew
Purple Scarf - Old Navy
Belt, Sunnies - Target
Silver-Patterned Shoes - Charles Albert via.
Awesome Earrings - gift from sister via Australia
Brown Pumps - Banana Republic
Argyle Socks - Gap
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