October 15, 2010

Day 6 (Otherwise known as THE END) - One Item, One Week Challenge

This was the last outfit of my challenge, hooray!! It is a another very, very simple outfit, mainly because I was exhausted from a cold and a hard week and it was Saturday, so I just kept it simple with a polo shirt and some flats.  I graduated from UVA, otherwise known as the land of the popped collar, so you must forgive me for it.  The necklace is from the accessory swap I attended and gave a presentation at a few weeks ago. It's a bit tough to style, but I like the challenge.  And you know what I did on that gorgeous Saturday?  Took one of the longest naps I've had in a long time.  It was awesome and much needed.

And that is the end of my challenge!!  I think the hardest part about it was that the jeans would stretch out a bit too much from being worn constantly.  Throwing them in the dryer a few times helped with that though.  I think it was also hard to be creative, stylistically speaking.  As in, hard to convey different "looks".  But on the other hand, it made getting dressed simpler each morning - I knew exactly what was going on the bottom half of my self! And I do think I will do it again - it was really fun having people (you guys) vote on which item you wanted me to wear for the challenge. That was the best part of it for me :).

Polo Shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - Gap
Flats - Target
Necklace - Accessory Swap
Belt - H&M

PS - Stay tuned for a bonus challenge post :)!
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