October 4, 2010

Day 1 - One Item, One Week

Well the results are in (poll closed this morning) and the jeggings were the winners in the poll on the items voted upon you guys as to what to wear for my One Item, One Week challenge.  I was kind of surprised that these were the winners, but I think they're going to be both easy and really hard to style.  Easy, because what doesn't go with jeans, but hard because doing different looks will definitely be hard! But, here's today's take...

Ugh, the weather today has not been nice (although, now as I type, the sun is shining outside with bright blue skies - go figure).  But it was rainy and COLD this morning.  Fall has definitely arrived in NOVA.

Doing a little pattern mixing with this outfit.  I saw a look in InStyle magazine that I loved - they paired a tweed jacket with a plaid shirt.  I thought it was an interesting look, but I don't have any plaid shirts that would pair well with this jacket (I don't think).  So instead, I tried black and white stripes, hoping that the echoing colors would make it work. I paired it with new black equestrian looking boots I got this weekend at Marshalls (thanks mom!).  Actually, what's funny is that the tweed jacket actually came from Marshalls too, but years ago.

Day 1 = Done!

Jeans - Gap
Boots, Jacket - Marshalls
Top - TJMaxx
Necklace - Old Navy
Bracelets - Tuesday Morning
Flower Pin - The Limited
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