August 21, 2010

Stripes for Saturday

I love crepe myrtles.  They are probably one of my most favorite things about the South (which Northern Virginia hardly qualifies for, but it is allegedly south of the Mason Dixon line. And there is a battlefield in the middle of it.  So maybe it qualifies?).

I came up with the idea for this outfit after looking through a Boden catalog last night and seeing how they had paired a striped tee underneath a dress. I thought that was a brilliant idea and wanted to try it out myself.  I have a couple of ideas for this pairing and dresses and stripes to try it out with, but this was the iteration I tried today.  I like it - I think I got the blues in the right family and that makes it ultimately work.  I probably didn't have to belt this, but decided to throw on a skinny belt anyway.  I tried long necklaces, but those weren't working, so I decided to pair it with this UrbanOutfitters layered necklace of a shorter length.  I also like how the brown beading plays off the brown of the belt.  And since I have such a busy necklace going on I just paired it with simple silver bead earrings.  The hair is my typical Saturday "I don't care what it looks like" look - which strangely is reminiscent of my weekly hair look :).

You will also have to excuse the massive wrinkly-ness of this dress.  I don't really iron in general, but I also have been taking care of my parents' dogs all day and the Boston Terrier has been climbing all over me all day, making me especially wrinkly and doggy.  It's a wonder this doesn't look worse.

And one more photo - where in the world is Waldo? is its title :).  Happy Saturday!

Shirt - J.Crew?
Dress - Banana Republic
Belt - H&M
Necklace - UrbanOutfitters
Sunnies - Old Navy
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