July 15, 2010


I won't lie.  The inspiration for this outfit came directly from Kendi's outfit yesterday that she posted.  And she won't lie either, because the inspiration for her outfit came directly from Tieka at Selective Potential, another one of the thousand great fashion blogs out there.  I just really loved the juxtaposition of stripes and florals that they both pulled off.  Mine is a bit different because I'm playing off of a paisley print rather than straight up floral.

The bigger thing though is that I think I missed the mark with my shoes.  I don't the wedges were the "ones" that should have been paired with this, which is ironic because I wasn't going to wear them with this - I had different shoes in mind, but then changed it and thought the wedges were better.  Or maybe I should have changed the belt and gone with a brown belt instead.  But such a conundrum cannot be solved in the 4 minutes that I leave for myself to get dressed (which extend into 10 because I can't make my mind up), so this is what I walked out of the house in.

It's really interesting to me how in looking at the pictures my necklace kind of just blends into the dress.  And it is one of the more extensively chained necklaces that I own!  I think that kind of speaks to the gold undertones of the dress, that when you pair gold accessories with it, it doesn't pop quite as much.  Which is ok sometimes :).

Dress, Belt - J.Crew
Cardigan - UrbanOutfitters
Wedges - Target
Necklace - Forever21
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