June 21, 2010

Style Evolution, Cont.

So in the vein of continuing to push my style boundaries, here are two things that I would never have considered wearing just a little while ago.  1 - Skinny black pants.  Like skinny black pants.  When I put these on, I had a flashback to my horseback riding days and jodphurs.  But I really love them!  2 - I am belting a cardigan.  I wouldn't have done that just a couple of weeks ago! 

So fun fact about the black skinny pants...did you know that they also go well with a hospital gown?  I didn't either, but I got to try that particular fashion trend this afternoon after an impromptu visit to the ER.  Everything ended up checking out a ok, which I was sure it would, but still was a relief nonetheless.  And the nurse even complimented me on my necklace!  After all, that's what matters, right?

Here's to embracing style changes and staying out of hospital gowns!

Cardigan, Belt - J.Crew
Black Pants - Gap
Ruffle Tank, Heels - TJMaxx
Necklace - UrbanOutfitters
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