June 17, 2010

Gold & Grey

Please bear with me as I continue to figure out my camera's settings.  I feel like I took a step forward today, but I still have a long way to go in order to understand how to maximize its settings for the best possible photos. I'm still having issues, but hopefully I'll get there!

Today's outfit was really hard to put together.  My head was going in so many different directions with what to wear.  I finally arrived to this one after remembering I had a meeting with a client later on today + needed to wear flat shoes (feet took quite a beating yesterday - not because my beautiful heels are uncomfortable, but because it wasn't until the second half of the day that I could properly walk in them with new heel inserts!) + wanted to wear these gladiator beauties.  So I decided to play off the gunmetal gray/silver of the sandals and bronze accent  pieces on them.  Also, whatever I was going to choose to wear had to show off the sandals (because I wanted to show them off!), but without appearing like they cut me off at the ankles, which can be tricky to achieve with gladiator sandals - since they generally cut you off at the ankles.  But I think I was able to achieve all of my needs + wants in this outfit.

I've got quite a challenge coming up the next couple of days since I will be housesitting - which means being away from the entirety of my closet for 5 days.  In the past I have usually ended up bringing about half of my closet with me (no joke) but since I'm feeling lazier, I want to try to bring only a few pieces and work & rework them.  This might mean wearing the same dress for 5 days in a row, so consider yourself warned! :)

T-shirt, pants, belt (not seen) - J.Crew
Cardigan - Banana Republic
Bronze Disk Necklace, Gladiator Sandals, Sunnies - Target
Silver Pendant Necklace - UrbanOutfitters
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