April 12, 2010

Target Day

I woke up this morning and had no idea what in the world I wanted to wear.  I had no inspiration, no clue, and didn't even want to get dressed (spring fever has hit me hard!).  The added "pressure" for this blog did not really help either.  But I rallied once I remembered I had this cute Liberty of London for Target top that I hadn't had a chance to wear.  With such nice weather ahead, I decided to give it a go.  Oddly enough, when the outfit was all said and done, I realized that every single item (with the exception of my earrings) were from Target, at some point or another!

Great thing about getting my hair cut on a Thursday night - I can wear it without washing it for 4 days - I'm going to have to give in and wash and style it tonight/tomorrow morning, and I dread what awaits me, for there is no way I can reconstruct the products and amazing hairdryer used to do my hair at the salon. Oh well - you'll see the results soon enough! :)

Shirt, Shoes, Jacket, Jeans, Necklace - TARGET!
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