April 13, 2010

Forgot My Camera Today...

Whoops!  I sat my camera down to recharge last night, fell asleep on my couch, walked past it as I was getting ready this morning and thought "Oh, I need to put my camera in my purse unless I forget it", and then walked out of the house.  Yeah...that's how I roll most days.  It wouldn't be a problem (I would just take pics when I get home), but tonight is yoga + Lost night = not getting home till around 10pm and in yoga clothes, not day outfit.  Oh well.

Here are the elements of my outfit though, assembled from various pics.  Pretty basic today (I had to spend the majority of my time styling my hair this morning, leaving very little for the actual outfit.  Oh well.)

My blue babies +

Silver Circle Necklace +

Black Sweater Dress - One Best Friend = Outfit for Today.

Wish that One Best Friend came with the Black Sweater Dress every day! :)
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