April 23, 2010

Sick Day

When I got up this morning, I almost immediately wanted to go straight back to bed.  I had the worse headache I've ever woken up with, awful throat things going on, and my voice wasn't quite there.  So after taking care of the dogs that I'm housesitting, I went back to bed for 45 minutes.  I wasn't sure I was even going to make it into the office and if I did, I would probably be wearing my pajamas.  But, after getting a nice long hot shower, I felt sufficient enough to throw my bangs back in a clip, put on my glasses, and some items of clothing. Feeling as bad as I did and moving as turtle-slow as I was, all I could manage was to find some comfy pants, comfy t-shirt and dress it up for work with a blazer, scarf, and necklace.

I'm really into long necklaces right now - and I love pairing them with a scarf.  The scarf that I'm wearing in this picture is one of my favs - it's a black and blue leopard print on one side and a blue-checkered plaid on the other.  I got it as a gift from a friend and it's definitely one of my favs to work into my wardrobe.

And so here I am on the other side of the week - I didn't think I would make it through! But hallelujah - I've made it. 

Pants, Shirt - J. Crew
Blazer - Target
Necklace - Premier Jewelry
Sandals - Reefs, from forever ago...

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