April 19, 2010

Friday Night

So when I got home on Friday, I had to change out of my work clothes into something that was a bit warmer because it got quite cool!  But I also had some errands to run before going out to the country where I'm housesitting this week.  As I threw on some not so-great fitting but comfy jeans and not-so great fitting but comfy long sleeve t-shirt, I had an inspiration to see what I could do with these two basic things to transform this outfit into something presentable without changing its base.  This is what I came up with...

Base Outfit - Long Sleeve t-shirt that I've owned for years + paint-splattered jeans also owned for years.

First step...Add a scarf.

Next, add a hat. 


Add a blazer.

Voila! Cute outfit.  Thinking back on it, perhaps this is what I should have worn to Red Bull BC One. :)
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