June 13, 2012

I Forgot That Sometimes I Like My Outfits

If you haven't noticed, I have not really been posting regularly. There is reasoning behind it - mainly, I just haven't felt lately that my outfits are really "cool" enough to post up on the interwebs. At some point in this whole process I somehow experienced both a loss of confidence in my own style/appearance coupled with laziness and thus have wondered why to keep on posting pictures of myself on a daily basis. What's the point? And if there's no point, then why try to keep this experiment going?

I am still working on the answers to these questions. But while I haven't been posting regularly, I have been continuing on with taking pictures of outfits. And today as I was looking back through some of my old ones, I realized that I actually like some of my outfits. That though I may wish my hair was longer or wish I was a few pounds lighter or any number of things, I like this outfit. It's way too colorful for my small town, but it's me. And that's all that I ever want to be.

Cardigan, Jeans - Gap
Top, Belt - J.Crew
Scarf - Madewell
Shoes - LuckyBrand via TJ Maxx
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