March 1, 2012

#StyleMeMarch Day 1: My Favorite Color

march0312 001

march0312 003

march0312 004

Today for the first day of the StyleMeMarch challenge everyone was supposed to wear their favorite color. My favorite color is all variations of the color mint/seafoam/turquoise blue. There is not a prettier color. If I see something in that color, I have to have it. So I have a lot of pieces to choose from in my wardrobe (yet each one is different and unique!) and while I could have gone many different ways in styling this color (and outfit), I decided to just do a monochromatic color story. Everything just fit together to portray my favorite color.

And with mint so trendy right now, you can better believe that it is taking all my willpower to hold me back from wanting everything :).

I don't know how I'm going to pull off tomorrow's challenge - a braid. I am terrible at braiding my hair! Promise to not laugh too hard! :)

T-Shirt, Skirt, Bracelet - J.Crew
Necklace - J.Crew via Ebay
Shoes - UrbanOutfitters
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