October 14, 2010

DAY FOUR, One Item One Week Challenge

WHEW!! Or, FINALLY!!  I am back in the land of the living! Where they have fast internet connections and time to do blog posts! Hallelujah.

This was Day 4 of my One Item, One Week challenge that I did last week.  This outfit had to transition from work to a Mary J. Blige concert at night for my mom's birthday.  First - It is Hilarious that my mom wanted to go to a Mary J. Blige concert for her birthday - hilarious AND awesome.  Second - It was AWESOME.  MJB really pours her heart and soul into her performances and it was so cool to see her live!  Singing "No Drama" (albeit with a cold) as loud as I could really helped release some pent-up frustrations and misery that had been plaguing me as of late.

I kept things pretty simple and basic - classic white t, jeans with a leather coat and plaid scarf. Plus, um, some killer shoes.  They are hard to walk in - I couldn't classify it as walking - more like, teeter-tottering. But they were fun!

Jeans - Gap
T-Shirt - Old Navy
Jacket - Loehmanns
Shoes - Marshalls
Scarf - TJMaxx
Sunnies - Target

Stay tuned for more posts coming your way!!
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