April 6, 2010


So finally, after five and a half years I won my office's NCAA pool!! To celebrate I wore Duke's colors...

Just kidding! I'm not that obnoxious :).  The colors of the outfit were completely by chance. I was going in a different direction with my outfit this morning, but it just wasn't happenin'.  So as I was frantically scanning my closet with 5 minutes to get dressed, I spied this J.Crew skirt that I received for Christmas.  The scarf also caught my eye, and before I knew it, outfit born!

The Target wedges were the perfect shoe for this outfit.

And besides the scarf, these bracelets were the main accessories of the outfit.

Shirt, Skirt, Headband - J.Crew
Scarf - Old Navy
Wedges - Target
Bracelets - all gifted
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